How Did Wild Boar Man Soap Become A Thing

Life is such an amazing journey; you just never know where it is going to take you.  I can tell you up until the fall of 2015 I had never imagined I would create such a product or business as this Wild Boar Man Soap.   I mean, who sits around dreaming up great beneficial ways to use the fat from wild boars?  Well, I guess I do, and this is the story of how it all happened and what I discovered along the way.

In 2003 life brought me to a place I have always loved, the Texas Hill Country.  Four years later in 2007 I landed in an extremely unique company in a tiny Hill Country town selling wild game meats to the best and most famous fine dining restaurants in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Austin, and all across the country.  This same company many years earlier identified a problem in Texas that needed a solution.  An exploding population of wild boars was running roughshod over the Texas Hill Country and South Texas and the numbers needed to be put in check.  The solution was pioneering the process of bringing Texas wild boar meat to the market under USDA approval. 

Fast forward eight years to a Monday morning sales meeting when I hear we have a surplus of wild boar fat due to a deal that had fallen through.  Suddenly my entrepreneurial spirit kicks in and I am dreaming up great beneficial ways to use the fat from wild boars!  It's funny how that works. 

A faded memory popped into my head.  My grandfather, born in 1914 in Willis, Texas, had told me as a child a story of his own childhood growing up on that same family farm of about 140 acres where he was born.  The family of fourteen raised a number of pigs on the farm.  These were the real pioneer days before electricity and refrigeration were available to them, so they would work the pigs in the cold of January for food, sale, and other uses like soap making.  Eureka!  My idea was born.  I can make soap from the fat of wild boars!

I got real busy real quick learning everything I could about making soap from lard and lye the old fashioned way.  I learned the basics then commandeered my first round of wild boar fat and got to work on that first batch of what would become Wild Boar Man Soap.  I have to thank my Tuesday night Guys BBQ fellows for volunteering as official soap testers.  Batch by batch the soap got better and better becoming the awesome product it is today.   As a matter of fact, there were a few incidental surprises along the way.  Kind of like accidentally dropping your chocolate in my peanut butter. 

What was the peanut butter and chocolate discovery?  I discovered that old fashioned lard and lye soap is naturally great for your skin.  That's the peanut butter.  Then I discovered adding the Texas Mountain Cedarwood Oil and Cedar tea to the "Hunter's Bar" the way I did not only made for a great soap for hunters, men with skin, and men who want to feel just a bit manlier,  but it is also the best treatment I have ever come across for any kind of Dermatitis, itchy skin conditions.  That's the chocolate!  You put the two together and the end product is something almost impossible to not like.

Life really is an amazing journey, never knowing exactly where it is going to take you.  I feel Wild Boar Man Soap is heading in the right direction.  I have ideas and plans I am working on to bring more healthful and mindful Wild Boar Man Soap products to you soon. I hope you will stick around for the journey.  Sending out a big Texas Thank You to you.