Certified Boarganic

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Real deal!
Folks, I live in and hunt the Texas Hill Country and honest to God it smells just like this soap. I’ve been showering with it before hunting and have taken some big boars and nice deer. It gets a laugh but its good stuff all around.

"It's all true fellas. I was in a bad way and Wild Boar Man Soap was there for me when nobody else was. I stand by the product." Jeff L. - Ohio

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  "Awesome!  Ladies get your man some real soap !! This stuff is AWESOME !!!

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Hunter’s Bar Mountain Cedar
"I bought this originally for my husband but both of my son-in-laws love it as well so I had to buy them some, too. I noticed that my husband is not having allergy symptoms and I looked up the ingredients to find that Cedarwood oil is one of the ingredients. This could totally explain it!"

Edward B.  Peppermint Piggy
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  "My wife bought this.  My wife loves it ...I have an outdoors t.v. hunting show my wife bought this and loves it so much she told me to get y'all as a sponsor lol..."
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"Good Stuff, will buy more. Works great! I got a tube with my soap order and have been using it ever since. It's as good as the medicated lip balm I usually use and tastes like peppermint!"

Wild Boar Man Soap is "Certified Boarganic" by yours truly.  It is real soap hand made from real USDA inspected wild boar lard right here in the middle of Texas.  Our soaps and products are made only from skin-healthy natural ingredients the land sustainably provides like USDA inspected truly wild boar lard, 100% pure wild Texas Mountain Cedarwood oil, and organic therapeutic grade essential oils.  No "methyl-ethyl bad stuff" is ever used in any of our products, and I promise your skin will know the difference.  This is a head to toe daily use body soap and shampoo bar, so throw out that potentially toxic shampoo and condition, dandruff shampoo that doesn't work worth a flip, and the teenage boy body wash and get yourself some Wild Boar Man Soap.  Those products are often times loaded with chemicals that may cause your man skin and scalp to be dry, itchy, flakey, and cracked.  Make the switch to better skin.  Whether you are heading to the office or the woods, try our Wild Boar Man Soap and experience the difference for yourself.  You'll be glad you did and your skin will thank you.


"Certified Boarganic" means our soaps and products are made with USDA inspected truly wild boar.  Wild animals cannot technically be considered "organic" or be "certified organic" due to the guidelines and limitations imposed on certified organic products.  We've taken "certified organic" to the next level.  USDA inspected truly wild boar combined with other top quality "certified organic" ingredients means "Certified Boarganic". Take it to the next level with "Certified Boarganic" products from Wild Boar Man Soap.  Always free shipping.
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