• 4 POUND BOX Wild Boar Man Soap (naked) "Hunter's Bar" + 2 Soap Decks


    4 POUND BOX of WILD BOAR MAN SOAP (naked) "HUNTER'S BAR".  10 BARS and TWO SOAP DECKS.  My Wild Boar Man Soap brothers have been asking for a bulk package of Wild Boar Man Soap "Hunter's Bar", so here we have it.  This box is packed with ten big bars of Wild Boar Man Soap total right at four pounds.  Double Plus - I'm throwing in two Made in the USA Spanish Cedar soap decks for free.
    This big box of naked Wild Boar Man Soap should last you about six months.  That's if you shower daily, wash your hair, beard, and body.  These are big bar and they last.  Naturally great for dandruff and beardruff control too.
    DOUBLE PLUS - I've also thrown in two made in the USA Spanish Cedar soap decks for your soaping pleasure.  One for the shower and one for the sink.
    I'm saving money on packaging and shipping, so I'm passing on the savings to you.