• Cedarwood Oil, Texas 2oz 100% PURE


    For the world's best deer hunting cover scent, mix 0.5-1.0 OZ of Texas Cedarwood Oil with 32oz water in a spray bottle .  Great for fighting the affects of Texas Cedar Fever, pest control (ticks and fleas...), deer hunter's cover scent, diffusing in your home and many more applications!  This is 100% pure therapeutic grade Texas Cedarwood Oil wild harvested and produced right here in the Texas Hill Country.  Naturally antiseptic, antibacterial, and antifungal.  Texas Cedarwood Oil is the naturally occurring essential oil of the native Texas Cedar (Juniperus Ashei).  The oil is recovered through the physical separation process of partial pressure steam distillation.  No additives, solvents, or chemicals are used at any point of the recovery process. 

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