Axis Deer Hide, B Grade Large


Wholesale customers please email us for various sizing, shipping, and pricing options.  B Grade Large hide prices start at $200 each.  Please follow this link to view and/or purchase individual available Axis Deer Hides.


B Grade Large hides may have small holes or blemishes, but are still very nice hides. Our Premium Wild Axis deer hides are from wild professionally and humanely field harvested Axis deer of the Texas Hill Country taken for their fine meat.  These deer were born in the wild and lived their entire lives completely free in the wild living off the land and having minimal contact with human beings.  They were not farm raised, nor were they raised in a pen.   That, as they say, would be uncivilized.  Axis venison is known by fine dining restaurant chefs across the country to be the finest venison in the world.  Just as wild Axis deer produce the finest venison meat in the world, wild professionally harvested Axis deer also produce the finest quality hides in the world.  The story behind these Axis deer hides is almost as good as if you had taken the wild beast yourself.