• Boar Brand "Hunter's Beard" Beard Balm, 2 OZ


    The MOST UNIQUE and AWESOME beard balm on the market.  LOOK at these INGREDIENTS.  2 Fluid ounces of Boarganic Beard Balm from Boar Brand is a truly unique beard balm.  How's that you say?  Well, we make our fine beard balm with truly wild USDA inspected wild boar lard, organic Shea butter, organic coconut oil, golden Jojoba oil, raw local Texas beeswax, and wild essential oils of Texas Cedarwood, Cypress, and Pine.  These fine ingredients impart a beautiful earthy, light woodsman scent that you are sure to enjoy all day.  We're talking good stuff right here!  Treat yourself to a little something different and be adventurous with your beard.  You'll be glad you did!  Add On a Twin Pack of Cedar Soap Decks!