• Hunter's Bar Mountain Cedar Single XL 6+ OZ BAR


    READ THIS FIRST: Made from real Wild Boar lard.  XL 6oz Single bar of Wild Boar Man Soap "HUNTER'S BAR".  Local pure Texas Hilll Country Mountain Cedar is the only scent in this soap, so it is perfect for hunters and for a day at the office.  Don't get winded! Texas Cedarwood oil has many health benefits and is awesome for your skin, scalp, hair, and beard.  My testimony: After 35+ years of battling a terribly itchy, flakey, unhealthy scalp, I have found this product to be the best control over this condition I've ever come across.  Completely natural and no chemicals!  Add On a Twin Pack of Made in the USA Cedar Soap Decks to help your soap last longer!