• "Hunter's" Beard Care Kit (2 soap + 1 beard oil + 1 beard balm


    Beard Care Kit in Texas

    Congratulations, you grew some hair out of your face!  Now it's time to take care of that wild man beard of yours with our "Certified Boarganic" Boar Brand beard care products.

    Step 1:     Wash up from head to toe ( Hair - Beard - Body ) with your Wild Boar Man Soap

    Step 2:     Apply several drops of your Boar Brand Beard Oil to your fingers and massage the oil into your skin under your beard.

                    This keeps your skin healthy and eliminates itchiness and crusty beard!  You don't want an itchy crusty beard, do you?

    Step 3:    Massage a dollop of your Boar Brand "Boarganic" Beard Balm into your hands and work it into your beard top to bottom

                    and underneath.  Be sure to work the balm thoroughly into all parts of your beard.

    Step 4:    Comb your beard up from the underside and then down again.  Looking good!

    Step 5:    Look in the mirror and say, "Awesome!"

    Ingredients: USDA inspected wild boar lard (Ingram, TX), organic Shea butter, organic coconut oil, Texas Olive Ranch Olive Oil (Carrizo Springs, TX), and wild pure essential oils of Texas Cedarwood (Leakey, TX), Cypress, and Pine.