• Hunter's Scent Control Combo (2 soap + 2 oz Texas Cedar oil)


    SAVE $6.00,  This combo pack comes with two big 6+ ounce bars of Hunter's Bar soap and a 1 ounce bottle of 100% pure Texas Cedarwood Oil.  You know as well I do as soon as you get winded, it's over!  DON'T GET WINDED!  We know all odor cannot be completely eliminated, but you and your clothes should smell EXACTLY like the WOODS when you're on the stand.  Wild Boar Man Soap "Hunter's Bar" is made from NATURE.  We utilize true native wild boar lard and only 100% PURE Texas Cedarwood oil, so our soap is not only great for you skin, but you'll hit the woods smelling exactly like the woods BECAUSE your scent control is made from the WOODS!  Makes sense. RIGHT?   Now combine your "Hunter's Bar" hunt soap with 100% pure Texas Cedarwood Oil as a cover scent and clothes wash and dry additive.  Replace your laundry soap with the same amount of water with a few drops of our 100% pure Texas Cedarwood oil and run a regular wash cycle.  Then add a few drops to a paper towel and use as a dryer sheet in the dryer.  BOOM!  You just spent a few pennies scent treating your hunting clothes in 100% nature.  Our Cedarwood Oil is made right here in the Texas Hill Country from trees that grow wild here, so it is safe to apply directly to your skin.  HELPFUL HINT: Apply Cedar oil to a small paper towel and keep it in a sealed plastic baggie.  Keep it in your pocket when you're on the stand.  Rub it on your hands and neck as a scientifically proven natural flea and tick repellent.