• Texas Cedar Fever Fix (3 soap + 2 oz Cedar oil)


    Don't fall victim to Texas Cedar Fever this year.  Make a pre-emptive strike against Cedar Fever this year with the Texas Cedar Fever Fix defense package.  The package includes three huge bars (6+ oz. each) of Wild Boar Man Soap "Hunter's Bar" (enough for 6-9 weeks of heavy duty showering) and a 1 oz. bottle of 100% pure Texas Cedarwood Oil.  The Wild Boar Man Soap is hand-crafted locally in the Texas Hill Country from truly wild, USDA inspected, wild boar lard and loaded with over 25 oz. of pure Texas Cedarwood Oil per batch.  The therapeutic grade 100% pure Texas Cedarwood oil is also locally produced in the Texas Hill Country from local wild grown Texas Cedar trees more commonly known as Texas Cedar or Mountain Cedar.  This is the most natural and logical defense against Texas Cedar Fever available with zero harsh chemicals added or used in production of the products.  The wild boar lard is great for helping your dry skin look and feel better during the cold dry winter and the therapeutic grade Texas Cedarwood oil is great for your skin as well.  Shower daily from head to toe with the Wild Boar Man Soap and rub a few drops of Texas Cedarwood oil into the palms of your hands, cup your hands over your mouth and nose and inhale deeply three times per day.  The Texas Cedar Fever Fix is in.  Order now.  Don't wait until you get Cedar Fever, then it's too late.  Add On a Twin Pack of Made in the USA Cedar Soap Decks!